Auberge d’Imbès

Auberge d’Imbès

Personnel Data Protection

In accordance with the law of 20 June 2018 on the protection of personal data, we inform you about the following points. You are also concerned by the page of the legal mentions on the laws of January 6th, 1978 known as computing and freedom and of June 21st, 2004 for the confidence in the digital economy.

Last updated: 25/11/2019


The publisher of this website agrees that the collection and processing of user data is lawful, fair and transparent and is limited to what is strictly necessary in accordance with the regulations in force.


The publisher of the site mentioned in the legal notice is responsible for the processing of the data. It is hereby agreed that it undertakes not to transmit the collected data to others.

Données collectées

In addition to the possible registration of cookies described on the page of the legal mentions, we offer you the possiblity to send us an email by using the form of contact at the bottom of page. This data is received and stored in our password protected e-mail software.

For statistical and security purposes, the server hosted via the hosting provider mentioned in the legal notice collects the technical and software data of the device used to consult this website.

Utilisation des données

Les données reçues dans notre logiciel de messagerie sont utilisées pour répondre à l’expéditeur et pour gérer les réservations sur notre logiciel protégé par mot de passe.


The visitor of the website has the right to access, rectify and delete personal data concerning him apart from those which the publisher indicated on the page of the legal notice has the legal obligation to keep for accounting, tax and control purposes.

Exercise of rights

To receive or request the deletion of your personal data collected you can use the form at the bottom of each page.